From an image to an action”

-Putting permanence to an extreme moment-

 theory and practice by Helge Meyer

In this practice based workshop concept, Helge Meyer will give the participants the possibility to develop a deep insight into different views of performance art. The participants will take part in different exercises that deal with main issues in performance art like the space-body-relation, the meaning and function of time and the concept of the “other”. Main issues are to work with space as a given frame for the process and the boundaries of the work. Working in a special “performance time” that is different to “normal time”. Examining ones own speed in how to produce images, how to set up a process, how to present a personal, authentic dynamic. Also working in public places with the idea of a pure coincidental audience will be part of the work.
Over the next days the participants of the workshop learn about a variety of approaches to performance action through individual and group exercises. The practical work is reinforced by in-depth excursions on the work of selected artists like Black Market International, Jamie McMurry or others. The participants themselves determine the ratio between theoretical and practical parts of their work to a large degree.

There is also the possibility to make use of the surrounding environment for our actions to emphasize the public and open character of the work. The participants will learn about the differences between the principles of performance work and other art forms, to recognize a distinctive yet diverse form of expression. The starting point and the centre of the performance action will always be the body of the performer.

The participants can present the results of the workshop during a public performance.


 ”Exploring Performance Art”

 by Jürgen Fritz

Exploring Performance Art is therefore based
on the following understanding of performance art:

1. Performance Art is a genre of Fine Arts. This setting has an influence mainly on the sculptural self­understanding of the artist, and thus on the expected reception attitude of the audience.

2. Performance Art is processual art. The performative picture develops during the action, in consequence of the confrontation with the material and the
performance situation.

3. Performance Art is not expressive or narrative ­ ie in the foreground stand no stories or messages. In this sense, Performance Art refers to itself, Performance Art is self­referential. The person of the artist is the first and most important material of the artistic discourse.

4. The quality of the submitted objects or the material of the artistic concentration is measured by its potential of changing and developing the person. Therefore it is not the question what the artist does with the material but how the material reflects back on the artist!

5. Hopefully, performance produces an event as a result of a real experience in the situation of the performance.