Lectures, talks and round table



“About Beauty – don’t touch! – relations and hunger! Reflection about the inner attitude of BMI Performance”

by Jürgen Fritz

QUB, Lanyon 0G/074. Friday 4 May at 6.00 pm




by Alastair MacLennan

 This will involve showing imagery from recent actuations by the artist and will touch on related points of political, social and cultural concern. Working in Black Market International will also be addressed.

 QUB, Lanyon 01/01052. Tuesday 1 May at 8 pm



“The risk of meeting people -The Utopia of Black Market International and other examples of performance art in public spaces-“

by Dr. Helge Meyer

In this lecture Helge Meyer will try to knot together different strings which deal with elements like the gift and the exchange; the risk and the healing; the co-presence of audience and artist and the aesthetic clash. Main examples are the works of the group Black Market International and Meyers own experiences in working with unknown audiences in public spaces.

University of Ulster, York Street Campus. Friday 4th at 11.00 am



"Do you have any questions about BMI?"

"I will be ready for any questions"

by Boris Nieslony

QUB, Lanyon 01/01502. Tuesday 1 May at 7.00pm



Round Table with Black Market International

moderator Nikki Milikan

 QUB, Lanyon 0G/074. Friday 5th of May 7.00pm